The new club trailer mast………

NWRS has just aquired  a new (to us) trailer mast. The mast belonged to a contest group in Ormskirk and having decided to downsize their antenna farm, NWRS purchased it with the intention of improving the contest station.

The trailer is a substantial box steel A frame construction, mounted on a fully suspended subframe with coil springs and dampers. There are 3 sliding outriggers with height adjustable jacks, plus 2 further jacks along the boom. It is fully braked and carries a spare wheel.

The mast is a Strumech Versatower P60, 3 section lattice tower. It has 2 Alko friction brake winches fitted, one to raise the mast vertically and the other to crank the tower sections to full height. When fully extended the mast is 60 feet (18.5m) high. Atop sits a 6 foot rotator cage which accomodates a 21 foot scaffold pole. The highest aerial will sit around 80 feet (24.6m) from the ground, needless to say, this is one serious peice of equipment, no need to wonder how that will work when carrying a 20 meter monoband beam!!

The mast is currently in Colwyn Bay where is is having a few jobs carried out, the trailer needs a new coat of paint, the brakes need adjusting and the pulleys, winches and cables need greasing ready for action, basically a winter service. Club members are welcome to lend a hand, tea and biscuits provided!

If anyone is wondering how to get the beam on the top of the mast, no problem, Ron ZDH will be given the job of climbing up there!!!