Thursday Meeting 1st September 2016/Blind Vets, Llandudno, 7 pm

Thursday Evening meeting 7 p.m. 1/9/16

Despite it being “Blind Vets Amateur Radio Week” at the Llandudno centre, we will meet at the usual time in our new venue on Thursday night. Ray Peart (Chairman, Blind Vets Radio Club), has cordially invited us to join him and other members in the radio lounge for the evening. Order of play is as follows:

1. Ray will introduce himself, and welcome members of the club to the shared facilities. Provide a brief backdrop of his journey as a war blinded veteran. Give a quick demo of his c.w. and use of the brail machine. ……….followed by

(photo of Ray demonstrating,,,)

2. Jack G2ANC from Bolton, with HF Moxon antennas Part 2.

(and Jack showing the centre bit of the 6m Moxon he built)

3. General invite to the lounge/bar area after meeting close.