Tony Tuite GW0NSR Silent Key – Update.

Tony Tuite GW0NSR from Penmaenmawr sadly passed away recently after illness. Tony’s passing is even more saddening as his son Ian 2W1FQA became silent key only a few weeks earlier. Both Tony and Ian lost the battle to cancer and will be sadly missed. It was only the beginning of December when Tony popped into the club for coffee and a chat and I remember thinking that he appeared well for his 79 years. Cancer is a merciless disease and the speed at which it spreads is almost beyond belief. When will the world stop spending money on arms and put it into finding cures for such illnesses?

Update – after Tony’s passing on January 1st, his wife Joyce 2W1DHV and her remaining son contacted the club directly and asked if we could help her to clear some space in her home by selling off some surplus equipment. Mark (Sec) and Gordon (Chair) visited Joyce  and held a silent key sale of Tony’s equipment the following Thursday. A fair amount of money was raised and Joyce was very pleased with the outcome.