Pakistan flood disaster update

The Pakistan Amateur Radio Society (PARS) reports that emergency communications support for ham radio amateurs have been extended in the past week to three more villages.

PARS emergency communications organiser Asad Marwat AP2AUMsaid food and non-food items have been provided to around 1,000 families in the Charsadda and Nowshera areas.

He said that a medical camp was also established which treated almost 700 patients mainly suffering from Skin and Gastric diseases.

The United Nations estimates 20 million have been affected across Pakistan by the flood disaster and 1600 lives lost.

Asad AP2AUM said that the area is not covered under the 2-metre repeater footprint so communications have been restriction to simplex operation within the group.

He said that about 30 hams are providing help to those who have fled the flooded areas.

Additionally hand-held radios and cross band repeaters and antennas have been offered from Turkey. Once they arrive, said Asad AP2AUM, the relief operation can be successfully expanded into Inner Punjab Province.

PARS continues working in collaboration with Islamabad Jeep Club members with their 4WD sport utility vehicles delivering essential relief supplies, with medical help being provided by the Pakistan Academy of Family Physicians.

Jim Linton VK3PCChairman,
IARU R3 Disaster Communications Committee