What about the magic band?

6 meters (50Mhz) isn’t a band that many foundation licensees seem to try out, which is a shame as during the summer time the band regularly opens up into Central Europe, with 10W getting you well over 1000 miles. Something which I discovered today.

I tend only to work 2/70 FM from my home QTH leaving SSB to when I do a SOTA activation, but after a half day from school now that I’m on study leave, I decided to switch the radio on, lay my SOTA beam down on a couple of chairs and see what popped in on 2m SSB.

I was surprised for 2E0LXT/P to come straight back to my CQ call, and give me a nice signal report into Bolton. After having a chat for a few minutes he QSYed, and I gave another CQ out, nothing heard so I decided to head back to FM. Luckily I swapped the antenna before I changed mode and caught GW3ATZ in Shotton calling CQ. After a chat he mentioned that 10m was wide open into Europe and he suspected 6m would be the same. I explained that I only had 6m on my collinear and doubted the cross polarization would get me many if any contacts. He encouraged me to give it a go anyway, so I thought what have I to lose. Bidding him 73 I headed down to 6m, and after checking the band plan had a scan round the SSB section to find OE3DIA calling CQ DX, I grabbed the mic and gave my call, only for him to come straight back to me with a 59.

Well I thought that was good, but for now the band had closed again, but I left the rig on in hope of some more DX. Two more stations were worked before I had to head out on an errand. OM1XQ in Slovakia, and I0IFO in Italy.

On my return to the shack I scanned round the band and worked 9A2PT in Croatia with a 5-9+10db report. YT3N in Serbia was worked, and then E76C in Bosnia before the banned once again closed.

So this certainly is the time to give 6m ago, no matter what antenna you’ve got for the band I’m sure you’ll be just as surprised as I was, all the contacts I made where in excess of 900 miles.

73 Karl MW6CSS