Remote Antenna Project

Blind Vet Radio Operator/Bob – Antenna Restrictions: The last piece of wire was cut and the wire stolen!! Hanging it out of his third floor flat window seemed a good idea at the time! He lives in a Council flat in Flint, but his situation could be replicated anywhere in the Country. Unlike ourselves, Bob a veteran of the Korean conflict is probably destined to the one week a year, when he can come over to Llandudno on amateur radio week. He’s desperate to purchase a radio, but the antenna system must be figured out first. Expressions of interest to solve Bob’s problem are invited from the membership? After the club meeting, a discussion carried on outside, and one of the subjects being ‘Remote Antennas”. This would be a super initiative on behalf of Bob, and our hosts, BVUK. Let’s get the ideas flowing! Thanks guys  Gron Edwards MW0HTG