GB1CDS JOTA 15th -16th October

We held a special event station on the 15th and 16th October 2011 at the Scout Campsite in Rowen, Conwy.  The event for JOTA, involved scouts all across the globe getting on air with the help of their local amateur radio clubs.

We built an Echolink station, a 2m station and an HF station which comprised of an Ft1000MK V with a 33′ vertical tuned against radials and a 120′ dipole at 40′ to choose from. Thankfully the God of propogation shone on both days with activity on all bands to be thankful for. Across a very busy weekend, 17m proved to be best for us working Japan with ease and VK’s booming out at S9 getting us excited never mind the scouts!!

We were made most welcome, amply fed and watered and the boys had a great weekend sending greetings messages and chatting with stations all over the world. Great to hear the boys gaining confidence on the microphone, using freshly learned phonetics in their messages.

Further information on JOTA can be found by clicking here.

As a thank you, the Scouts have kindly agreed to man the car park for us at the rally!