Blackpool Rally 10th April 2011

The 49th Norbreck Amateur Radio, Electronics and Computing Exhibition was held at the Norbreck Castle Hotel Exhibition Centre on Queens Promenade, North Shore, Blackpool today. Around 10 members travelled by coach arriving right on time. The rally was once again very well attended by both visitors and exhibitors, both halls were full of trade stands and the bring and buy stall was full of interesting items and busy all day. Members had a very good day with the highlight just as we were leaving. A bargain was announced over the tannoy just as the bring and buy was packing up and we soon found ourselves the proud owner of a Hygain TH7DX 7 element HF beam. Suffice to say, it was something of a bargain!

Being 24 feet long and 36 feet wide and stripped down into its 700 componant parts, we struggled to the bus with it. Our ‘jobsworth’ bus driver amazingly didn’t share in our excitment saying it would not fit in the bus, but when the luggage compantment opened, much to our relief, it fitted with ease! It must have been such a sight as half a dozen of us struggled 400 yds through the center of Colwyn Bay as the said jobsworth bus driver refused to drop us off a little further down the road even though he passed outside the member’s house who was going to store the aerial, grrrrr!!!!

So, trailer – check, tower – check, cage – check, aerial – check, anyone have a rotator upto the job of turning this beast????