UK Wires-X Network




Wires-X active Node Search update

On all Fusion Radio’s there exists a preset search function, radio groups are currently in talks with both ETCC & OFCOM to have this feature activated for the Yaesu Fusion community. These talks have now provided the required response, It requires a second NoV for the repeaters and gateways the preset search frequency are 2m 144.6125 Mhz & 70cm 438.6125 Mhz are as you can see on the DV calling frequencies.

In essence what the feature does is quite remarkable, whilst you are mobile in your car to find the closest free node to your location you would simple press & hold the [DX] or [X] button on your radio, the radio will transmit a data burst on a preset frequency that all the repeaters and gateways in the UK will be listening on. the closest free node will reply and remotely tune your radio automatically to that nodes frequency. and allow you access to WORLD WIDE WIRES-X network.

Repeaters, Gateways and Nodes

what is NODE (call sign + ND), GATEWAY (call sign + GW), REPEATER (call sign + RPT) COLLECTIVELY THEY ARE KNOWN AS (ROOMS)

  1. A REPEATER as with an analogue, does just as the name implies, it repeates what is heard on one frequency and transmits on another as with (GB3WF-RPT) because this is a fusion repeater also linked to the internet and the Wires-X system it can recieve & re-transmit to anywhere in the World and requires an NOV from Ofcom, which can only be held by a Full licence holder.
  2. A GATEWAY is different, as with (MB6ILE-GW), it re-transmits what it hears on the Internet onto a set frequency i.e 431.075 Mhz allowing anyone within range of its antenna to not only hear, but talk back to the station calling through the internet, for an Analogue Gateway i.e (MB7-XX) then you must use an analogue radio on its frequency, for a Digital Gateway (MB6I-XX) then you must have a Digital enabled radio on its frequency, and remember that station you talk to maybe anywhere in the World…it also requires an NOV from Ofcom. But unlike a repeater both Intermediate and Full licence holders can hold an NOV for a Gateway.
  3. A NODE Again its different from GATEWAYS & REPEATERS as anyone with either Foundation, Intermediate or Full Licence can have a NODE a Node is simply PC connected via a HRI-200 interface which is connected to a radio, then using another radio i.e. a low power handheld (both radios should be set to the same frequency) you transmit your voice call into the NODE (or Internet) via the handheld…(NB)

(NB) IMPORTANT Running A NODE radio (attached to the HRI-200 & PC) must be attached to a dummy load and not an Antenna, as it is not allowed to Transmit RF. Nor are you allowed to pass 3rd party traffic on the Amateur Bands…. for this you would require an NOV from Ofcom.