Training Courses

Training with NWRS


The North Wales Radio Society is a recognised RSGB training and examination centre. We offer access to all three Amateur FoundationbookLicences, Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. We operate an ‘on demand’ system so courses are run ‘as and when required’ rather than on fixed dates, this flexibility makes obtaining you next amateur license that much easier, and quicker.

Training is informal, relaxed and structured to your ability. There is no charge for the courses, we simply ask that you take up club membership subscription fee of £10 a year.

Amateur Radio is an innovative hobby, it is one of only two hobbies in the UK that requires you undertake training and examinations, the other is flying!

From the moment you start, you never stop learning. From that first clumsy, nervous over, to bouncing digimodes off the moon, this hobby of ours will stretch your imagination. The possibilities are endless, restricted only by your own enthusiasm. So what are you waiting for? Let us help you to start on your journey of discovery.



The foundation course provides an excellent introduction to amateur radio, no previous knowledge is required. The foundation license allows you to:

  • Access all HF bands as well as the 70cm, 2m, 4m and 6m bands.
  • Run 10 watts RF output power.
  • Operate anywhere in the UK, including inland waterways.
  • Talk to amateurs all over the world.


The intermediate course allows progression from the foundation license and on passing the exam, access to the advanced course. The intermediate license also allows you to:

  • Run higher power up to 50 watts maximum.
  • Access Intermediate bands.
  • Progress to the advanced level.


This is the highest level of amateur license, when you achieve it, you can enjoy all the hobby has to offer.

  • Access all amatuer bands inc microwave.
  • Run power levels up to 400 watts.
  • Operate maritime mobile
  • The full license is recognized abroad.
  • Apply for variations to the license.