2m UKAC Contest report

First of all a huge thank you to all the stations who took part in the RSGB’s 144MHz UKAC contest last night (July 3rd).

As usual a last minute window of opportunity appeared for Tuesday evening and the details of the outing were promptly posted on the club forum. Club Sec. Mark MW0RKB and Treasurer Tony MW0BXJ quickly called to confirm their attendance.

As many of you will know we don’t take contesting too seriously, we take part so we can try out new equipment and ideas and last night was no exception, our two 17-element Tonna’s were at Alex’s and the mast was at Tom’s, neither of them could attend. All we had to work with was a 5-element ZL-Special style Yagi but due to Mark working late we couldn’t have it until 9pm. We decided to have a little fun and start the contest with a dipole at 4m above ground level.

Transceiver: Icom IC-910HX.  RF Power: 50Watts.  Aerial: Dipole, later a 5 element ZL-Special.

Our first call was answered by G3YYD from locator square IO91TR, that’s near Hemel Hempstead and St Albans, nearly 281km (175 miles) away. Other notable contacts were from Chris G4FZN From IO94JF Richmond in North Yorkshire, GM4JTJ in IO86RP just north of Dundee some 390km (240 miles) away. M1MHZ near Boston Lincolnshire and finally Liz’s son Matt G0XDI/p in Kent.

Next Tuesday it’s the 432MHz contest and assuming the weather is reasonable we’ll be out in the mobile shack again testing a coaxial dipole, trying some contest logging software and giving away a few more points. If you fancy some /p fun, just let us know.